Your Always there

Jerriesh Easo, Our "Jerry" was the star among us. The man with the dark, Robus, physique and a Charismatic power of attraction. his naughty smile, great looks and a majestic walk had the impression as if he is going to rock the World. And all these fetched him countless admirers.

He had a craze for music, movies, perfumes, denim, bikes and tours, the ultimate party lover, that he was. Masked behind this dazzling attire was a quiet human being supper abundant in Love, humanity and care. He was polite to the teachers and everyone loved him.

Being the sports icon of our college, he was excellent in badminton, cricket, football, shot-put, caroms, just to name a few. Watching him in action at the Badminton court was a thrilling experience. He was a prominent figure on stage during the Arts Fest and in particular, his fashion statements on the ramp drew tremendous applause.

As the class representative of our final year class, he was monumental in fulfilling our much awaited dream for a college tour which was memorable indeed.

His "Bindaas" attitude even during tough times was a morale booster for all of us. His most lustrous quality was, his availability for others in need compromising his own priorities. Although he was with us only for four years, he had commented an eternal place in our hearts.

On 11th November 2006 he departed from us. But... his spirit, still lives among us. As the adage goes... "Beautiful flowers are always plucked first". His splendor will always be guiding illumination and inspiration for all of us.

I know jerry you can see us from that invisible world. Your Loving Friends are here and always remembering you.

Oru kalam

Friday, December 22, 2017

Jerry we are always here

1. Al Ameen Alameen

2. Abdul Salam Alameen

3. Abey Thomas Alameen

4. Ajmal P Alameen

5. Aneesh A. S. Alameen

6. Bibin K Das Alameen

7. Aneesh T. P Alameen

8. Bhavin M. Alameen  

9. Haris K. P. Alameen

10. Haris Abu Alameen  

11. Faisal Noorudhin Alameen 12. Boban Devasy Alameen

13. Mubashir Sharif Alameen  

14. Jovi John C. Alameen

15. Muhammed Naslam Alameen  

16. Mujeeb Rahman Alameen

17. Muneef K. M. Alameen  

18. Nadeem K. M. Alameen

19. Naveen V. Kumar Alameen

20. Nishad V. Alameen  

21. Noushad M. V. Alameen  

22. Noufal Ahemmad Alameen

23. Praveen Manikoth Alameen

24. Rahnas K. T. Alameen

25. Shameel K. Alameen

26. Sameer K. I. Alameen

27. Shameel K. Alameen

28. Rahul B. Alameen

29. Shan Mohan Alameen

30. Sharath Chandran Alameen

31. Sudeep Kumar Alameen

32. Tanaz Asharaf Alameen

33. Varun Alameen

Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Year Trissure Trip

Jerry and Faisal
Vikas and Abey TT
Our First year B Pharm Hostel Teams
Jerrish @ manoothi Agricultural University
Ladies Hostel
Trissure Manoothi Agri univ
Vikas directing us
Teams :)
Naslam king

Wednesday, February 27, 2008